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10 reasons why a temporary industrial warehouse can benefit manufacturers

By 16 February 2016October 10th, 2023Warehousing

Space, time, money, and planning permission sometimes don’t allow for the construction of additional warehouse space. Spaciotempo offers high-quality temporary warehousing as the perfect solution. Here are ten reasons why our temporary industrial warehouses can benefit your manufacturing operations:

10. Maintenance agreements

We can provide on-going maintenance to protect your investment. If your temporary warehouse is for long-term use, we’ll provide on-going maintenance agreements and can even offer you a monthly pay as you go hire agreement if you’re unsure how long you’ll need your temporary structure.

9. Risk Reduction

“The beauty of a temporary warehouse is that we can use the space flexibly,” says Dinos Andreou, Sales and Marketing Director at Stadco. “Renting a building when the market is strong and if the market contracts again then the building can be off-hired. It enables us to manage our needs very effectively.”

8. Tax Benefits and Ownership Options

Leasing is effectively a fixed term equipment hire agreement and therefore 100% tax deductible. Plus, if you know the long-term requirements of your temporary warehouse then the option of outright ownership is available. We even offer a buy-back option if your situation changes.

7. Flexible Hire Contracts

Our flexible hire contract can keep your business agile. If you no longer need your temporary warehouse, it can be de-rigged and the contract terminated, saving you wasted space and money compared to a permanent building.

6. In-House Storage

“With Spaciotempo, we could bring all our storage needs in-house, and stack our stock as cost effectively as possible, saving money and vital space, we have all the advantages of a permanent building but with none of the drawbacks.”

Richard Norman, Head of Change Management at Sterling Solutions

5. Long-Term Durability

Our temporary warehouses are not your average so-called temporary buildings. Far from being “tents” or “marquees”, they’re a very durable solution to a longer-term requirement and some of our temporary warehousing has remained in use for up to 25 years.

4. Full Planning Permission Assistance

We work with specialist town planning partners to manage the planning permission process on your behalf. We’ll liaise with them throughout the application process, in accordance with planning timeframes, to ensure that your temporary warehouse can be installed without any red tape hiccups.

3. Cost-Effective

“This was an extremely quick, efficient and effective way of renting a new warehouse, without the significant cost of building somewhere new,” says Chris Synowiec, Managing Director of Cam Store. “What has surprised us is the standard of the temporary building – it’s fair to say that we have got far more than we thought we would.”

2. Rapid Installation

We can have a site visit booked within 24 hours of you placing the initial enquiry and, depending on your requirements, can begin installation immediately. Our temporary warehouses are delivered to site, installed and dismantled by our own qualified operations staff who are fully trained and compliant with H&S regulations.

1. On-Demand Space

Our temporary warehouses allow you to increase your facilities as and when you need them. They can also be easily removed, adapted or relocated if your business needs change, unlike a permanent building.

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