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The fast, easy way to add space and grow

Spaciotempo – The fast, easy way to add space and grow

Are you yearning for more space to work with? Have you reached capacity, and need to expand?

Whatever you need that space for, Spaciotempo, the leader in the market for temporary buildings, has got it covered.

Whether it’s to gain more factory floorspace, increase warehousing and storage areas, set up logistics spaces, to diversify or more, this can all be housed in the robust, highly engineered structures that Spaciotempo manufacture and construct in the UK.

Expansion – A Tricky Topic Made Simple

Making space for expansion can be a real challenge for businesses. From the high running costs, maintenance and business rates to consider, through to the initial planning and consent, research, and cost of construction, it is a tricky thing to get right.

Spaciotempo simplifies that whole process through the use of temporary structures. Despite the name, these aren’t flimsy, marquee-style structures. Instead, you can expect semi-permanent buildings that are designed to withstand the harsh environments that they can be put through.

Worried about the lifespan of a temporary building? You need not to, as Spaciotempo’s anodised aluminium frames and galvanised steel fixings deliver strength and solidity, while a range of walling and roofing options means site owners and operators can choose a style to suit specific usage.

Hesitant on cost? One of the key benefits of temporary buildings is the flexibility of ownership. Spaciotempo’s buildings can be hired for as little as three months up to an indefinite period. For longer-term requirements, it may be more economic to buy a temporary building outright.

Need a site survey? That is provided too as standard, and by checking every detail of the project, Spaciotempo can recommend the best solution.

Tailored to the Application, Built to Last

 Spaciotempo’s structures can have eave heights of up to eight metres and can come with wide-width doors. This will leave plenty of room for large vehicle access if required and plenty of room for storage and racking if that’s what is called for.

Also available are specially engineered canopies. These give your building contents further protection from wind, rain and snow. If it’s a factory environment with lots of traffic, speed doors and pedestrian doors can be specified too, giving quick and safe access.

For walling, single-skin steel cladding is suitable for most applications, although more insulated options are available. Where temperature control isn’t a factor, a single skin PVC roof is ideal. These are typically provided in white, enabling plenty of light into the building. If a temporary building is required for office or workshop usage, a thermo-insulated roof is a great option, as it reduces heat loss or gain to achieve a stable, temperature-controlled environment for staff.

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