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Temporary buildings supports long-term growth

By 18 January 2019February 22nd, 2019Industrial, Manufacturing

Manufacturer of military bridges chooses temporary buildings for long-term growth

A specialist manufacturer of military bridges which counts 40 Armed Forces worldwide among its customers has successfully expanded its business with the help of Spaciotempo.

WFEL, which boasts a century of engineering excellence and innovation, is a prime contractor to both the UK Ministry of Defence and the United States Department of Defense.

Thanks to the increasing demand for its services and the securing of new contracts, the Stockport-based company needed to find additional space to work – and fast.

WFEL Site Supervisor Chris Jackson said: “Spaciotempo’s structures were ideal for the situation we had at the time. We needed a building that could be put up quickly so that we could adapt to a new contract.”

WFEL had very specific requirements that its buildings needed to meet. The trucks used inside the structures measure around five metres tall, not including the height of the cranes, which the ridge height had to accommodate.

The structures also needed to be fully sound-proofed and insulated, providing protection against the weather for employees and equipment.

Two doors to allow personnel to access the structure as well as one combination door, a speed door and an electric roller shutter door were also included in the plan.


With all of these factors to take into account, WFEL knew just who to turn to deliver the project.

Spaciotempo, the UK’s leading temporary building supplier, ticked all the boxes, offering a fully bespoke service to suit WFEL’s individual needs.

Chris added: “We opted for temporary buildings because they give us the flexibility to relocate around our site if we need to. We can also extend the buildings when we get bigger contracts, so they effectively help the company to grow.

“WFEL picked Spaciotempo because of the time scales involved in putting the buildings up. The flexibility and the cost were also important factors, with Spaciotempo providing the most competitive price.

“To help us to achieve our aims, the company designed the building around the trucks and the contract we were working on at the time. The design of the building, with no bars across the ceiling, allowed us to maximise the available height which was a real bonus. The speed in which the team erects the buildings is amazing.”

WFEL was so impressed with the quality of Spaciotempo’s installation that it has twice extended the structure, which originally measured 20m wide x 30m long x 8m high.

Due to increased customer demand, a 20m x 40m x 8m structure was added to the initial building and, more recently, it was extended by a further 15m x 30m x 8m.

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