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4 reasons why a loading bay canopy can work for your business

By 22 May 2014October 10th, 2023Logistics & Transport, Canopies

Why choose a loading bay canopy?

It can be made to fit any size of space

A great example of this is a canopy we supplied to Exeter Airport; the airport needed shelter for vehicles during the handling of incoming and outgoing post, but due to the triangular shape of the site, they required a tailored solution. We provided a canopy that was staggered in size, starting at a width of 25m, which then reduced to 20m and finally 15m wide to allow the airport to maximise the space available.

They are easily re-locatable

Because our loading canopies are demountable, they can easily be re-located in line with your businesses needs.

A canopy still adheres to strict adverse weather specifications ! – Despite being a roof-only solution, Spaciotempo’s loading bay canopies are built to meet Wind Loading BS6399 Part 2 1997 and General Snow Loading BS6399 part 3 1988. This is crucial to companies who need a solution that can withstand the unpredictable British weather! Logistics company Geodis Calberson turned to us for a loading bay canopy that would protect their customers goods from weather damage during loading and unloading.

They are available to hire

Hiring our temporary buildings is increasingly becoming the ideal solution for companies who are looking to reduce the risk of investing in a permanent build solution.

With many customers’ additional storage space needs being dictated by contracts with their own clients, hiring a temporary building is proving a popular option. If you choose to hire a temporary building you only pay for the period of time that you need the building for, when it is no longer required it can be dismantled by your provider at no additional cost.

They can be linked

Our canopies can be gutter linked to permanent buildings, a temporary building and even another canopy to eradicate outside temperature exposure to goods and protect personnel from extreme weather, simplifying your logistic operations.

If you are wanting to find out more information on why you should choose a loading bay canopy with Spaciotempo UK.

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