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5 frequently asked questions about temporary warehouses

By 30 October 2017Warehousing

5 frequently asked questions about temporary warehouses

Looking for temporary warehousing to meet the demands of your customer base? Maybe you need a modular building for hire, to hold a school exam or sports event? But you’re not sure about how reliable it might be, or how much temporary building hire costs? Worry not! We’ve pinned down the most commonly asked questions around temporary warehouse storage, and grabbed our most knowledgeable Spaciotempo teammates for the answers.

1. Are your temporary warehouse constructions weather-proof?

Definitely. The quality construction of our temporary buildings often exceeds expectations. And a portable building for rent, soon becomes a portable building for sale. Each modular building is designed to meet Wind Loading and General Snow Loading standards – so they’re ideally suited to brave the British weather.

2. Can I get a temporary warehouse space for rent?h3>

You absolutely can. If you’re looking for a temporary warehouse extension, or additional warehouse storage for hire, our easy financial packages will help you get things moving right away. Whatever your circumstances, our expert team will recommend the most suitable temporary building hire for your needs – and match a monthly payment plan to your expectations.

We also offer a popular lease-to-buy package, which means you’ll end the term with a bespoke warehouse extension fully owned by you. So if you’re interested in temporary warehouse buildings for sale, get in touch with Spaciotempo today to talk through your options.

3. Will temporary warehouse storage last?

It certainly will. A temporary warehouse from Spaciotempo can last far beyond the short-term. Many warehouse extensions use anodised aluminium and galvanized steel fixings, and come with secure locakable doors and insulated walls.

Our temporary warehouse extensions have been known to last for more than 25 years. Often, we find that people looking for a portable building for rent, do so when their circumstances change and they need to find a temporary solution to storage problems – for example, during a refurbishment.

But if a business continues to grow and circumstances continue to change, the definition of ‘short-term’ becomes more and more subjective. Our flexibility and simple finance packages mean there’s no deadline on your hire-time, and no minimum rentals either.

4. What can I do with a modular building for hire?

All sorts of things! Our temporary building hire facilities are used in lots of business sectors. Popular choices when looking for a portable building for sale, are within education and industrial fields. We’ve installed modular buildings during busy term times, when schools are looking for additional space to hold exams or extra sports classes.

Temporary building hire covers the retail sector too – businesses looking for additional warehouse space for example, or operational facilities. Many of our modular buildings have been used as a temporary gym or within airports and car showrooms.

5. How much does a temporary warehouse cost?

Every temporary warehouse project is different and unique in its own right. As such, you can tailor your bespoke warehouse extension with a range of ancillary options. That means that we don’t give out general pricing for our temporary warehouse buildings. We’d much rather talk you through your options, get to know your exact requirements and then offer you a price and financial package that

There are so many options which may lead you to search for a modular building for hire. And the chances are, you may never have known that hiring a modular building was an option.
Are you thinking about temporary storage hire? Contact our expert team for a chat today.

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