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5 reasons to choose a Spaciotempo retractable tunnel

By 18 April 2016September 8th, 2017Retractable Tunnels

Spaciotempo retractable tunnels are flexible…in every sense! These cost-effective temporary tunnel structures allow you to stretch your facilities to newfound levels of space, while retaining the option to concertina them down again with minimal fuss. In this article, we give you five essential reasons to choose a Spaciotempo retractable tunnel.

We all wish that we had a bit more space; extra room to store a vehicle perhaps or a protective walkway for our sports team. However, the expense involved in a permanent upscale can often be prohibitive. This is where a retractable tunnel from Spaciotempo makes perfect sense, offering a cost-effective solution for a whole host of applications in the distribution, sports, retail and leisure sectors to name but a few.

Spaciotempo retractable tunnels are available in widths of 1-12m, with eave heights ranging from 2-5m. You can choose from our range of standard sized tunnels or let us create a bespoke solution for your exact specifications, whether it be for industrial purposes or sport. Furthermore, our temporary tunnels can be connected to your existing external or internal walls, stand independently, or be anchored in position.

Here are five more reasons why you should choose a Spaciotempo retractable tunnel:

1. Branded retractable tunnels

Spaciotempo retractable tunnels are available in a wide range of colours, which can be matched to your branding requirements. Plus, you can enjoy high visibility and excellent exposure by branding your retractable tunnel with corporate logos, and promotional messages to strengthen your brand image, or promote a specific marketing campaign.

2. Space saving temporary tunnels

Free up valuable space for other business operations by retracting your tunnel to a minimum of 25cm when it’s not in use. Or move it to another location for use across your whole site. A variety of options exist, especially if you choose to invest in one of our lift proof track systems.

3. High quality retractable buildings

Spaciotempo’s retractable tunnels are made from anodised aluminium structural arches. These are assembled with cast aluminium joints and connected by power-coated aluminium cross-pantographs. That means that you can extend and retract your tunnel as the need arises. Our temporary tunnels are durable and robust, thanks to locking bars on the pantographs that keep the tunnels taut.

4. Quick to Install retractable tunnels

If you only need a simple, smaller tunnel, we are often able to deliver a retractable tunnel that’s easy enough for you to install yourself. For complex tunnel installations, we are more than happy to come along and conduct a site visit to assess your needs. Our professional installation team can take it from there and set up your temporary tunnel in next to no time.

5. Safe and durable temporary tunnels

Quality and safety are a hallmark of all of our retractable tunnels. Tough flame retardant PVC-coated covers are made from single panels, each a metre wide, enabling cost-effective replacement of small sections and rapid re-branding. While clear windows and roofs are also available, as an optional extra, to let you enjoy more natural light in your retractable tunnel.

So that’s the compressed version (see what we did there?!) of just some of the many advantages to using a Spaciotempo retractable tunnel. Speak to one of our highly knowledgeable team of advisers today for the extended version, to find out how one of our temporary tunnels could grow the fortunes of your business, sports team or event. It probably won’t be as much of a stretch as you think financially either!

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