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5 reasons why your business should use a temporary storage structure over a permanent build

By 22 May 2014October 18th, 2017Warehousing, Industrial
Warehousing and Storage

Ever considered using a temporary warehouse to solve your business woes? We’ll show you why you should have already ordered one:

1. Be quick off the mark
Often businesses are required to think fast when it comes to storage. Whether the factor forcing you to act quickly is wet weather cover, disaster recovery or an increase in orders and stock, temporary warehouses can provide the ideal solution, fast. Eradicating the lengthy wait of a permanent build, temporary warehouses can be erected and ready to move into in as little as 2 weeks, providing instant protection and coverage.

2. Money Money Money
With purses tightened and pennies pinching, many companies are being asked to look for alternative, cheaper options for business solutions; enter temporary warehouse structures. These sturdy, practical temporary warehouses save on the multiple costs that are often associated with permanent builds, including foundations, labour, materials, site services and architectural services.

3. Open all hours
Because temporary warehouses can be built on site whilst not disrupting the existing buildings, your business can stay fully operational throughout the build, meaning no trade is lost and customers and staff do not need to go elsewhere.

4. Stay flexible
By hiring a temporary warehouse, you are avoiding any long-term commitments, meaning that when you no longer need the storage space, you can have it dismantled and no longer have to pay for it. The picture can look quite different when you are left with a vacant permanent building which is costing you money every day…

5. I can’t believe it’s not permanent!
Our temporary warehouses meet the same snow and wind loadings as a permanent building and although temporary, have been used for up to twenty five years!

Here at Spaciotempo we know better than most the fluctuating storage and warehousing needs of manufacturers and retailers. Head to our News and Experience pages to see which companies are already reaping the benefits of a temporary building.

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