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5 reasons why your business should use a temporary storage structure over a permanent build

By 22 May 2014October 10th, 2023Warehousing, Industrial
Warehousing and Storage

Why choose a temporary storage structure?

Are you facing storage challenges in your business operations? Have you ever considered the advantages of utilising a temporary storage solution to address these issues? In this article, we will explore why investing in a temporary storage structure could be the solution you’ve been seeking. Below, we’ll outline five compelling reasons why you should consider acquiring one today

1. Act quickly

Businesses often need to make quick storage decisions. Whether you need to react to wet weather, prepare for disaster recovery, or handle increased orders and stock, temporary warehouses can offer an ideal and rapid solution. Unlike permanent construction, temporary warehouses can be erected and ready for use in as little as two weeks, providing immediate protection and coverage.

2. Save Money

With tight budgets and cost-cutting measures, many companies are exploring cost-effective alternatives for business solutions. Enter temporary warehouse structures. These robust and practical temporary warehouses reduce numerous costs commonly associated with permanent construction, such as foundations, labor, materials, site services, and architectural fees.

3. Operate 24/7

Temporary warehouses can be built on-site without disrupting existing buildings, allowing your business to remain fully operational during construction. This means no loss of trade, and customers and staff can continue their activities without any interruptions.

4. Stay flexible

By hiring a temporary warehouse, you avoid long-term commitments. When you no longer need the storage space, you can have it dismantled, and the costs stop. This is quite different from being stuck with an empty permanent building that incurs daily expenses.

5. Almost Permanent!

Our temporary warehouses meet the same snow and wind loadings as a permanent building and although temporary, have been used for up to twenty five years!

At Spaciotempo, we understand the changing storage and warehousing needs of manufacturers and retailers better than most.

Head to our case study page to see which companies are already reaping the benefits of a temporary storage structure.

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