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A temporary warehouse has you covered for all eventualities

By 25 October 2017October 10th, 2023Warehousing

A temporary warehouse has you covered for all eventualities

In every successful business, there comes a time when storage demands increase. If you’re in that enviable position right now, then congratulations – your business is growing and your warehouse and storage facilities may need to be addressed. This is where temporary warehousing at Spaciotempo is specially designed to meet the changing demands of your business.

Perhaps your current storage facilities are at capacity, and you’re looking for a warehouse extension to increase your square footage. Or maybe customer demand for your product has increased regionally, and you need a modular building for hire which can be adapted to suit your growth. A portable building for sale (or rent) may be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Temporary warehouse storage protects against bad weather

Our temporary warehouse storage facilities are not just for short-term use. Some of our modular buildings have been in use for more than 25 years, and this comes down to the quality materials and expert craftmanship in every one of our buildings.

Neivalu modular buildings are specifically designed to be relocated. Which means that if your business is growing regionally, your warehouse facilities can move with you. This type of modular building for hire uses anodised aluminium and galvanized steel fixings to ensure a strong build.
The frames can be bolted onto a concrete base for additional security, and the full construction is designed to meet all Wind Loading and General Snow Loading safety guidelines.

So, if find that your business needs a more permanent solution, your temporary warehouse storage from Spaciotempo doesn’t need to be so temporary after all.

A warehouse extension will avoid expensive off-site leasing

Off-site leasing can be an expensive and inconvenient tie, which is something you can really do without when looking for a warehouse extension for your growing business. Just like our efficient installation services, our finance packages are quick, easy and designed to deliver.

A Spaciotempo portable building for rent can be yours for a rate that suits you. We offer a range of easy-finance packages to suit your needs. Your rental costs will never be a surprise, and we even offer a lease-to-buy service which gives you the chance to buy your warehouse extension if and when a suitable time arises.

Create temporary storage space while your site is refurbished

If you’re looking to invest in your warehouse facilities, you may need a short-term storage solution while your facilities are refurbished. The beauty of Spaciotempo temporary buildings is just how fast and efficient our service is. From the initial consultation we offer an on-site visit within just 24hrs, because we understand that time is money for any business.

A portable building for rent can be designed and modified to suit your requirements. We take care of all the installation for you, and ensure you’re confident with the facilities before we leave the site. Our weather-resistant temporary warehouse storage will ensure your goods are fully protected during your refurb – complete with lockable doors and insulated UPVC walls.

Are you looking for temporary building hire? Contact our expert team today for advice on your temporary warehousing needs.

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