Quality & Safety

Spaciotempo pays extra attention to the standard of installation by investing in the most regulated, recognised and thorough training for our operations and site staff to ensure the highest quality build.

At Spaciotempo we go the extra mile when it comes to quality and safety. We pay extra attention to the standard of our installations by investing in the most regulated, recognised and thorough training for our operations and site staff to guarantee safe temporary structures and the highest quality temporary buildings.

Quality temporary buildings

As our temporary buildings are used for many jobs over the course of their life, they must perform to the same high level each time, regardless of use. Therefore, we prioritise that quality is built in at the design stage and is a key philosophy throughout the business.Only the strongest and most durable temporary building materials, such as anodised aluminium frames, are used in the manufacture of Spaciotempo temporary buildings. All our structures are extremely durable temporary buildings and meet all the relevant standards. All of which should give you absolute peace of mind that you are investing in the highest quality infrastructure available.

Safe temporary structures

Hand in hand with quality, safety is of paramount importance to Spaciotempo. Compliance with standards not only ensures durability and longevity, but also the safety of the public and our workforce. Spaciotempo’s safe temporary structures and systems fully comply with British and EEC safety standards for structural integrity, fire and safety codes.They also comply with Wind Loading BS6399 Part 2 1997 and General Snow Loading BS6399 part 3 1988. Our technical department can advise on site specific snow loadings. We undertake risk assessments and procedures to match your site specific requirements, and we create solutions based on the most stringent health and safety standards.

Quality Statement

Over the course of more than 40 years, we have gained a reputation for carrying out installations of high quality temporary buildings at every level.We are committed to providing a superior customer experience, from initial contact right through to project handover. Our extremely durable temporary buildings are constructed according to Spaciotempo’s stringent quality expectations, including:

  • Tailoring our products and services to match the high expectations of our discerning clients.
  • Ensuring, through ongoing training programs, that product knowledge is developed at all levels in the company.
  • Encouraging a free flow of ideas for product/service improvement and development.
  • Structuring management and supervision roles to routinely check and maintain quality.
  • Directly employing all of our own site managers and supervisors.
  • Ensuring a meticulous ‘signing-off’ and handover procedure for all buildings with ongoing maintenance visits and checks as required.
  • Using only first class sub-contractors to meet with our “clients” expectations.
  • Ensuring that all our employees are familiar with the requirements of current health and safety legislation and the need to work safely.
    By carrying out all of the above we have been able to consistently deliver high quality temporary buildings to our clients with minimal disturbance, on time and in line with or above expectation.

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