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How to add extra space to your school

By 24 August 2016September 6th, 2017Education

At Spaciotempo we make it our goal to provide a temporary building solution in your time of need. We offer modular school buildings that are available with a range of features. We aim to provide our temporary education building solutions as promptly as possible, so that your everyday school activities can continue unhindered.


Fitting a temporary exam hall

If you find yourself in a situation where your school is undergoing refurbishment or construction works, you might find our purpose-built modular buildings for schools to be the perfect solution. All it takes is one phone call to book a site visit and, depending on what you require, we could start to install your temporary education building immediately.

We recognise that the correct exam environment is crucial for pupils to reach their full potential. Our buildings are ideal to be used as a temporary exam hall. We include a range of features in our temporary buildings to make them feel as normal as possible. So much so that we’re confident that you and your pupils will quickly forget that you are even in a temporary structure.

Advantages of modular school buildings

There are many reasons to choose a Spaciotempo modular school building. First and foremost, all of our temporary building solutions are designed, manufactured and installed in-house to the highest possible standard. So if you need a modular classroom, or a temporary exam hall, our quality assured temporary structures could be just what you need.

Some of the features of our modular school buildings include:

  • Flush Fitted Internal Solid Walls – We create a permanent feel to our temporary exam halls by fitting high quality solid walls. You might decide you want to decorate these walls with branding, information or educational images.
  • Thermo Roofs – Our modular school buildings can be fitted with thermo roofs that are designed to regulate temperature at all times. They also allow a large amount of natural light to shine through, creating a natural environment during the day and minimising costs.
  • Insulated UPVC Walling – We can fit your modular school building or temporary exam hall with insulated UPVC walls, ensuring optimum temperature at all times.

How we helped Highgate Wood School

Highgate Wood School in London approached Spaciotempo for a temporary exam hall. We were able to fit a fully functional temporary exam hall within six weeks. Taking into consideration the noise from the building works, we found an appropriate location for the temporary school building were the staff and pupils could concentrate without being disrupted.

Business Manager, Tony Burton, said: “Our exam hall has been extremely well received by students and teachers alike. It is incredible to think that two months ago we were at a loss to host our exams and we now have an incredible building which is absolutely fit for purpose.

“It’s effectively replaced our Assembly Hall during the building works. Staff and students like it so much that they don’t want it to be dismantled. Wish I could afford to retain it!”

Spaciotempo can offer a solution to your temporary education building needs. For more information, please call us.

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