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Avoid Freight Claims the Smart Way

By 16 January 2015October 11th, 2023Company News, Industrial

The growth of freight claims relating to damaged stock is becoming an increasingly significant expense.  With goods transported in large quantities on pallets, even relatively low value items can assume a high value if damaged – which means a potentially costly claim. These claims can have a huge impact on your reputation in the logistics marketplace.


While logistics companies are increasingly looking at making improvements to their packaging solutions. Such as, reinforced wrapping film to enhance the stability of goods once on their pallet, and optimised void-fill products to protect products in transit. As a result, you should be providing a protective environment for your products before and during loading and unloading.

Spaciotempo’s customers know only too well the benefits of protecting stock with a solution which can be installed quickly and easily to integrate with existing logistics operations. One of our customers. A major international logistics operation. Faced exactly this problem. Tired to regular freight claims for damaged stock, they looked to Spaciotempo for a solution and installed loading canopies at all their operations on a 6m eave – giving them enough room for even the largest double decker lorry, and allowing them to load and unload in safety.


Another customer – a manufacturer of paper and packaging products – was tired of playing with their stock; as soon as they put stock outside ready for collection, bad weather dictated that it had to be brought back in again to prevent damage. As a result, the solution for them was a retractable tunnel from Spaciotempo. Quick, very cost effective and extremely flexible!

Also, another of our logistics customers opted for a small structure to provide short term “daytime” storage for goods awaiting collection. The small size of the structure enabled lorries to navigate easily around it, and the pierced metal construction of the structure provided a high level of protection from bad weather, while offering enhanced resistance to high winds.

Spaciotempo offers a wide range of solutions to help protect your stock, dictated by business needs, application and also budget. To conclude, if you are serious about minimising the risk of unnecessary freight claims for your business, talk to Spaciotempo today.

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