Associated British Ports – Industrial – Storage & Distribution Hub


When Associated British Ports required additional on-site covered warehouse space at their ever-busy Port of Garston they once again reached out to Spaciotempo for a rapid cargo storage building solution, to join their growing number of our buildings already in their network. As nearly 500,000 tonnes of cargo passes through this port alone every year, they required a permanent storage, handling and distribution warehouse located in a strategic position to lease on a consistent and ongoing basis to anyone who required it.


With an already rock solid relationship between Spaciotempo and ABP, plans for the semi-permanent warehouse were drawn up and executed in next to no time at all. With new space created on site during Autumn 2022 to accommodate the new solid gable fronted building, Spaciotempo then got to work constructing it, having it ready to be moved into by its first occupants at the turn of the year.

It’s gutter-linked design seamlessly creates two warehouse facilities in one, with each divide fitted with a 5m high roller shutter door capable of accommodating large shipping containers. Not only does this quite literally double the floor space available, utilising every available inch to increase storage capacity, but assists with stock management in situations where inventory and goods are constantly on the move. In total, the building gives ABP and the occupier 2,394 m2 additional warehouse space.

For this particular building, the 8m eave height will play a crucial part in how much is able to be stored at height, in addition to the width. With Spaciotempos’ innovative knee bracing system coming into play, the incumbents will be able to safely stack pallets right to the apex.

This latest permanent building solution joins their existing Spaciotempo infrastructure on site; namely another cargo storage warehouse that runs parallel to this one, and a three-sided industrial canopy elsewhere on site, both constructed in 2019. With their latest addition, ABP now have 3,894 m2 worth of on-site covered storage facilities from Spaciotempo alone.

Spaciotempo Area Sales Manager Josh Warren, responsible for overseeing the project to completion, said “Throughout its lifespan, the new building joining our existing facilities on site will accommodate all types of cargo passing through the port, either that which needs to be in situ for slightly longer, or that which needs to be close to the harbour ready to be transported in and out immediately.”

“By creating a permanent warehouse solution right next to the docks for them to lease, it will consolidate ABP’s Garston location enabling them to be consistently profitable.”

Fact File

Who: Associated British Ports
Where: The Port of Garston, Liverpool
Size: 76m x 63m on an 8m eave
Use: Storage & distribution lease warehouse
Why: Accommodate cargo passing through the port
Special Features: Valley guttering system to link buildings together, 8m eave height

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