Balfour Beatty – Industrial – Temporary Building


As part of a wider site modernisation process, Balfour Beatty in Derby asked Spaciotempo to design a temporary industrial building which would make better use of the available space. On a site with a number of old permanent buildings in relatively poor condition, and insufficient cover to protect equipment from adverse weather conditions, a new temporary storage facility, with six metre eaves and racking seemed like the ideal solution to maximise storage space. Balfour Beatty were looking to make the new space serve a number of purposes simultaneously so the temporary building solution needed to be quite bespoke!


Scott Jameson, Spaciotempo’s Managing Director explains how Spaciotempo’s solution met the customer’s needs; “Our lateral bracing system means our temporary storage buildings have no cross bracing like our competitors’ offerings. Apart from giving our customers improved access for machinery at height inside the building, the other main advantage for our customers is increased storage at height. In Balfour Beatty’s case, a six-metre eave provided a ridge height of over 11 metres – that’s a lot of storage!”

Andy Ormerod of Balfour Beatty continues; “As the project progressed, we realised that it would be useful to also incorporate a 400 m2 mezzanine deck to increase office and workshop space and make the new building really multi-functional. An additional feature which works really well for us is the combination doors – a roller shutter speed door offers operational efficiency, while shutters over the top guarantee additional security. And because the temporary building is located right on the site boundary, Spaciotempo included a 70mm steel sandwich panel on the rear elevation, with a 1 hour fire rating.  All in all, it’s a great space and we are delighted with the attention to detail.”

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Fact File

Who: Balfour Beatty Plant & Fleet Services
Where: Derby
Size: 30m x 60m (1,800 sqm)
Use: Storage, office and workshop space
Special Features: Mezzanine deck, combination doors, and 1 hour fire rating panel

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