Countrywide Farmers – Industrial – Temporary Agricultural Warehouse


As the UK’s leading supplier of farming products to the rural community, Countrywide Farmers is no stranger to having to store large quantities of bulky stock items. Having stock at their fingertips allows them to meet the demands of their farming customers at a moment’s notice. So, when they identified a lack of covered storage space at their Worcestershire warehouse, they called on Spaciotempo for a temporary agricultural warehouse.


Countrywide Farmers, the UK’s leading supplier of products to the rural community, came to Spaciotempo with the need for a temporary industrial warehouse to store their more ‘bulky’ items. Spaciotempo installed an 1,800 square metre structure that has enabled Countrywide to store their products in a dry, protected space. The building also features three large rapid-rise doors, which helps forklifts to enter and leave the temporary building quickly, as well as keeping the building secure, meaning that items of stock are kept in optimum conditions but are readily accessible whenever they are needed, and can be taken straight from storage to transportation and then to the customer.

Tony George, Supply Chain Development Manager at Countrywide explains, “The new warehouse from Spaciotempo has been a great addition to our constantly developing site. The structure has helped us to not only keep our products protected, but it has enabled us to speed up the loading and unloading of our lorries. The energy efficient LED lighting that has been installed is a great addition, as they take no time at all to warm up and provide great light inside the building.”

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Fact File

Who: Countrywide Farmers
Where: Earls Croom, Worcestershire
Size: 30m x 60m on a 6m eave
Use: Storage of farm supplies
Special Features: 3 speed doors and LED lighting

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