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Spaciotempo’s first temporary canopy for leading independent mail, parcels and logistics network operator in the UK and Ireland, DX, was back in 2009, when the company was freight haulier, Night Freight. Acquired by the DX Group in 2012, the DX Freight operation is reaping the benefits of rapid national expansion, controlled from its “Hub” at Willenhall in the West Midlands, and Spaciotempo has now delivered seven temporary canopies for the DX network, across six locations nationwide.


Scott Jameson, Managing Director at Spaciotempo, explains how Spaciotempo’s temporary logistics canopy meets the needs of DX; “The development of DX’s logistics network, and the advent of double decker lorries, left the DX Freight operation with a problem – their existing facilities just couldn’t accommodate the larger lorries making loading and unloading impossible.  Loading had to take place in the open air, meaning there was a risk of stock damage in bad weather. 

“Spaciotempo’s solution was to attach a loading canopy, with an increased eave and apex height, to DX’s existing buildings. As a result, lorries can load and unload in all weathers and keep the stock safe and dry.”

But for DX, the product is only part of the “Spaciotempo difference”, as David Downes, Estates Manager, explains: “On every job, our Sales Manager very quickly works out our requirements, as it is vital for DX to maintain high levels of service across our network to keep the operation moving efficiently and effectively to ensure we keep our promise to our customers. Spaciotempo does this – as well as giving us the specification for a structure which meets our needs, he gives us advice and support when we need it. For DX, it is all about our Delivered Exactly promise for our customers, and our relationship with Spaciotempo has meant that despite reviewing the competitors’ offerings many times, when it’s time to make a decision, we keep coming back to Spaciotempo.”

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Fact File

Who: DX Group
Where: 6 locations nationwide
Size: Various
Use: Loading and unloading canopies
Special Features: 6 metre eave to accommodate double-deck lorries

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