Exeter Airport – Logistics and Transport – Bespoke Loading Canopy


Exeter Airport turned to Spaciotempo to provide a bespoke loading canopy for a postal service provider operating at Exeter Airport. The canopy is used as part of a major logistics operation which sees inbound and outbound post handled at the airport.


Due to the complex restrictions at the site, installation of a loading bay canopy for Exeter Airport posed a number of unusual challenges for Spaciotempo. A triangular shaped working area required a bespoke structure, tapering in width, from 25m at one end to 15m at the other, to maximise virtually all of the available space; resulting in a total area of 975sqm.

The potential for high winds, due to the loading canopy’s exposed position alongside the main runway, was also a challenge. However, the use of perforated steel cladding on the industrial loading bay canopy’s enclosed side ensured a flow of wind through the structure, without compromising the level of shelter and strength it afforded. Working within strict security and health and safety parameters at the airport site, Spaciotempo has developed the robust structure to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Spaciotempo’s Managing Director, Scott Jameson comments, ‘It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our ability to deliver a complicated and high specification temporary structure utilising our full range of design, build and service skills, and also considerable operational agility in modifying our designs on the ground to adapt to changes in site access.’

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Fact File

Who: Exeter Airport
Where: Exeter
Size: Triangular structure from 25m to 15m in width – 975sqm
Use: Loading canopy for postal service provider
Why: Part of major logistics operation handling inbound and outbound post
Special Features: Bespoke triangular structure, perforated steel clad walling

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