Inchcape Derby, Jaguar Land Rover – Car Showroom – Temporary Building


Inchcape Derby, renowned for its premium car services, faced an unexpected challenge when the area surrounding its existing car showroom experienced significant flooding. In brief, to continue showcasing and selling Jaguar Land Rover vehicles in a premium environment, a quick and viable solution was required. In step Spaciotempo.


To house a selection of premium cars for Jaguar Land Rover and ensure business continuity, the temporary building needed to provide a safe and secure location where potential customers could comfortably engage with sales representatives, regardless of the unreliable weather conditions in Derbyshire! In addition, with the Spaciotempo temporary building being a fundamental part of the client’s sales journey, opting for additional finishes to match the high-end luxury car company’s branding was essential.


Providing a rapid turnkey solution from Spaciotempo, the temporary building featured electric shutter doors, glazed windows and doors, an anthracite grey panel finish, and heating installation. Alongside other finer details such as z-shape flashing to prevent minor water ingress and vermin from entering the building.

Electric shutter doors –

To ensure easy access and safety of the vehicles within the temporary building, roller shutter doors were installed. The 3.5m x 4.6m shutter door allows ample room for even the largest of cars to leave and enter, giving Jaguar Land Rover the freedom to house any vehicle on their roster.

Colour branding –

In order to add the finishing touch to the temporary car showroom. Inchcape Derby selected anthracite grey, ensuring it matched both the surrounding area and the main site. Furthermore, this colour choice helped reinforce the brand’s high standards and attention to detail. See our full colour palette here.

Looking for something similiar?

Lastly, whether you require a spacious commercial showroom to bridge the gap during refurbishments or a structure for new car launches, registrations, maintenance and test centres, or valet services, we have you covered.

Spaciotempo temporary car showroom

Fact File

Who: Jaguar Land Rover, Inchcape Derby
Where: Derby
Size: 15m x 15m x 6.5m
Use: Car Showroom
Why: To support the business with a temporary building solution whilst flood damages were repaired on the main site.
Special Features: A rapid turnkey solution for high end brand.