Like Land Rover – Temporary Car Showroom


Like Land Rover came to Spaciotempo to extend their car showroom. They needed more space to exhibit the new cars to customers and a place to keep them safe and protected from the weather. As such, we provided them with a bespoke temporary car showroom.


Spaciotempo provided Like Land Rover with a temporary car showroom at its Brecon dealership in Wales as their approved used Land Rover stock increased.

The 450-square metre temporary showroom provided them with extra space to exhibit the cars and present them to customers. They decided to choose temporary due to the speed in which Spaciotempo could install our temporary buildings. Additionally, with temporary car showrooms being cost effective, Like Land Rover could start benefiting from their extra space extremely quick with a low upfront cost compared to a permanent build.

Additionally, they required a temporary structure that was aesthetically pleasing and one which ‘fitted’ with the premium brand that is Land Rover. Here at Spaciotempo we can supply our own designs, therefore creating a perfectly bespoke temporary building. For Like Land Rover, we provided them with 12 standard double glazed window units, 8 high bay lights and heating. All of which creates a bright, well lit, warm environment for customers to view the cars.

Scott Jameson, Spaciotempo’s Managing Director, concludes, “It’s a true testament to the quality and appearance of our temporary buildings that such a well-known, premium brand has hired one our showrooms for its site.”

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Fact File

Who: Like Land Rover
Where: Brecon Powys, Wales
Size: 15m x 30m on a 4.6m eave
Use: Temporary car showroom
Why: Required more space to exhibit the cars to customers

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