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Audas Project Management approached Spaciotempo to provide a solution for their customer, Marks & Spencer Outlets who needed to weatherproof their loading and unloading operations at a number of their outlet stores nationwide. We provided them with a 5m by 3m retractable tunnel.


Spaciotempo offers bespoke loading and unloading canopy options to suit all operational and logistics requirements. While we regularly offer these, our retractable tunnels also make an ideal solution. These can be extended to offer protection for stock until it is collected or moved elsewhere. And when it is no longer required, it can be retracted out of the way when not in use, freeing up valuable space on site. And this was the ideal solution which M&S opted for.

To hold the tunnels in place in all weather conditions, we provided countersunk ground anchors; and steel “goal posts” were also used to fix the tunnels at one end, giving peace of mind that loading operations could take place whenever they were needed.

Retractable Tunnels, Sales Coordinator, Teresa Parkes, comments: “We provide a wide range of retractable tunnels, which provide a great solution for a huge number of applications. They are flexible and save valuable space for other business operations by retracting. Due to this application, our tunnels were perfect for M&S.”

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Fact File

Who: Audas Project Management for Marks & Spencer Outlets
Where: Bideford, Devon & Banbridge, Northern Ireland
Size: 5m x 3m on a 3.5m eave
Use: Loading canopies for retail outlets

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