Mary Hare School – Temporary Swimming Pool


Mary Hare School required a building to house their refurbished swimming pool. They initially thought about a more ‘traditional’, permanent building. However, after looking at potential costings, it became apparent that a more innovative, cost effective, non-traditional building solution was more realistic and economically viable for Mary Hare’s circumstances. So they contacted Spaciotempo for a bespoke temporary swimming pool, which provided the perfect solution.


Spaciotempo provided a 28m x 15m bespoke temporary building solution to house a swimming pool for Mary Hare School.

Located in Newbury, Berkshire, Mary Hare School is the largest non-maintained special school in the UK, educating over 240 profoundly and severely deaf children. The School represents the biggest single community of children suffering hearing loss in the UK. Mary Hare initially thought about a more ‘traditional’, permanent building. However, they came to Spaciotempo for a temporary swimming pool, mainly because it was more cost effective, quick and flexible. A non-traditional, innovative temporary building solution was more realistic and economically viable for Mary Hare’s circumstances.

When the Mary Hare Students are in the pool they should remove all hearing aids and cochlear implant devices, so they must totally rely on lipreading and sign instructions. For this reason, we provided 8 double-glazed window units, creating a lot of light, and making it easier for the pupils to lipread and sign instructions. Scott Jameson, Spaciotempo’s Managing Director explains, “Spaciotempo are able to offer you a complete temporary building solution. So, in Mary Hare’s case we were able to provide features such as non-slip vinyl flooring and ventilated changing rooms.”

Anne Munby, Fundraiser at Mary Hare Foundation commented, “Swimming lessons are an essential feature of our PE curriculum, and we feel it is particularly important for our profoundly and severely deaf pupils to be taught how to be safe in and around water. Thanks to Spaciotempo we can carry out these lessons in a safe and secure environment.”

The newly refurbished, energy efficient swimming facilities at Mary Hare School make it easier and cheaper to maintain. The new non-slip vinyl flooring will not only be safer and more hygienic it will also require less maintenance, the same being true of the refurbished and correctly ventilated changing rooms.

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Fact File

Who: Mary Hare School
Where: Newbury
Size: 28m x 15m on a 5m eave
Use: Swimming Pool Cover
Why: To refurbish their current permanent swimming pool
Special Features: 8 x double glazed window units to increase light within the pool

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