Multimatic – Industrial – Temporary Storage Building


To reduce on site facility costs at their UK headquarters and as part of a strategic business move, Multimatic turned to Spaciotempo. As a global supplier to the automotive industry, Multimatic invested in a temporary building to extend their storage space and increase their manufacturing. We provided them with a 20m by 50m temporary storage building on an 8m eave.


Global supplier to the automotive industry, Multimatic first approached Spaciotempo back in 2016 at the IMHX exhibition. Following a key business decision, Multimatic wanted to reduce their on-site costs at their UK headquarters in Coventry. They needed extensive space to manufacture high volume parts including engineering for components, systems and body/chassis structures, for mainstream automotive manufacturers.

Currently, Multimatic were using a warehouse they were renting to accommodate overflow stock and materials. A key requirement of the project was being able to install racking for storage, as Multimatic stores wide varieties of materials and components for use with different manufacturers. The company required a tall building to maximise storage space and ensure that the warehousing facility would continue running smoothly.

So, we supplied and installed a 20m by 50m building from our leading Neivalu range, to last Mulitmatic at least the next 15 years. The building included an 8m eave that is unobstructed in height, allowing racking to be installed from floor to ceiling. In total, the new building provided Multimatic an extra 1,000sqm of warehousing space. To also ensure that the building would withstand the robust, heavy-duty activity taking place within, solid gables and Armco were fitted to the building. Also, a wide roller shutter door for vehicle access, and a thermo roof to retain heat.

Paul Cleaver, Assistant General Manager of Multimatic, said, “We were incredibly impressed with Spaciotempo’s response, ever since day one when we met them. Communication with Adam and their team was brilliant, and it was their ability to provide a building with an unobstructed apex that really won us over. The new solution gives us more than enough storage space and the floor-to-ceiling racking is a great feature for our logistics team.”

Fact File

Who: Multimatic
Where: Coventry
Size: 20m x 50m on an 8m eave
Use: Extra on-site storage space
Special Features:
8m eave to allow racking to be installed from floor to ceiling

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