Perth Audi – Retail – Temporary Car Showroom


Perth Audi, decided their permanent facilities need a revamp due to it looking ‘tired’. So, needed a temporary building supplier with high quality products, who are trusted and reliable, so came to Spaciotempo. We provided them with a 10m x 30m temporary car showroom, while their permanent showroom was being developed.


Located in Perth Scotland, Audi wanted to redevelop their existing permanent facilities. After their renovation 11 years ago, they decided it was beginning to look a little ‘tired’. So, needed a reliable, good quality temporary car showroom, to use during their refurb work, so turned to Spaciotempo.

Here at Spaciotempo, we understand that customer and brand experience is an important factor in any industry, but especially within automotive.  Hence, we provide a high quality, temporary car showroom that has a ‘permanent’ look and feel to maximise the shopping experience for valued consumers. Our temporary buildings can be individually designed to work seamlessly with the customer’s brand image and allows them to add external signage to the building. This develops the Audi brand and creates the same environment for their customers as they would experience in a permanent structure.

Spaciotempo provided a 10m by 30m temporary car showroom on a 4m eave, with 30 standard double glazed window units, 12 high bay lights and heating. All of which creates a bright, well lit, warm environment for customers to view the cars. So, Perth Audi can continue with the operational side of the business whilst the major refurbishments to the interior of Audi’s permanent showroom concept, including a dedicated Audi Sport area, are taking place.

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Fact File

Who: Perth Audi
Where: Perth, Scotland
Size: 10m x 30m on a 4m eave
Use: Temporary Car Showroom
Why: During redevelopment of their permanent facilities

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