Sanko Gosei – Industrial – Temporary Building


A well-known full service supplier of high quality components and systems, Sanko Gosei was already an existing customer of Spaciotempo – using their temporary building to store vehicle parts at their Skelmersdale operation in Lancashire.  So, when customer demand increased, and their existing warehousing facilities were no longer big enough, they turned to Spaciotempo for an extension of their existing building. Our solution was to provide a bespoke temporary warehouse.


Existing customer, Sanko Gosei were so impressed with their Spaciotempo temporary warehouse, that when they ran out of space, they came to Spaciotempo a second time with a request to extend it. The warehouse extension provides Sanko Gosei with an extra 900sqm of warehouse space, making it much easier for them to store and protect more of their products.

Rob Elliott, Technical Manager at Sanko Gosei, explains why – “We are currently preparing for a massive jump in productivity over the next five years. Temporary or semi-permanent storage was an absolute must for us to ensure that all of our products were protected from the elements. Spaciotempo provided us with a smaller warehouse back in January, but we soon needed something much bigger. The new extension meets the exemplary standards that we have come to expect from a Spaciotempo temporary structure, and we are hoping to expand our temporary storage units further in the future.”

Spaciotempo’s Managing Director, Scott Jameson, adds; “Our customers really appreciate the versatility which comes with a Spaciotempo temporary building – we regularly work with our customers in the long-term to keep pace with their changing business needs. Whether they need their temporary buildings extending, reducing in size, relocating, or additional structures adding on the same site, we can do it all.”

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Fact File

Who: Sanko Gosei
Where: Skelmersdale, Lancashire
Size: 30m x 30m on a 6m eave
Use: Storing of vehicle parts
Special Features: LED lighting plus two speed doors

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