Stafford Boat Club – Industrial Retractable Tunnel


Stafford boat club recognised that for members to maintain their boats, the work had to be done in the open air, which meant that they had to brave the elements while setting about their task. The boat club decided to do something about it and contacted Spaciotempo to order a retractable tunnel that would enable members to work on their boats under cover.


Stafford boat club recognised that for members to maintain their boats, the work had to be done in the open air. So, we supplied a 3m wide x 7.1m long with an apex height of 3m retractable sports tunnel for Stafford Boat Club.

The average British canal narrow boat measures 2.2m wide and is typically 9m-plus in length. There was no need to cover the entire length of the boat – members can only work at one section at a time – but the club decided it needed a shelter that was lightweight and mobile enough to allow it to be moved up and down the length of the boat to keep up with the work.

We supplied a 3m wide x 7.1m long retractable tunnel with an apex height of 3m. This had previously been used to greet athletes arriving for their games at the Basketball Arena at London’s Olympic Park. As well as refurbishing the retractable tunnel fully on its return to Spaciotempo, we adapted it to increase its width from 3m to 4m in order to ensure adequate working space.

The retractable tunnel was hailed as a success by the boat club, whose members could not only look forward to carrying out their maintenance work safely out of the reach of the wind and rain, but also enjoyed the novelty of having a memento from the Olympic Games.

John Mountfort, Commodore of Stafford Boat Club concluded, “It was just great timing that Spaciotempo had only just got its retractable tunnel back from the Olympics when we enquired. Not only does the tunnel suit our purposes perfectly, the fact that it was used at the Basketball Arena over the summer has become a real talking point.”

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Fact File

Who: Stafford Boat Club
Where: Wildwood, Stafford
Use: Industrial Retractable Tunnel
Why: Workshop for carrying out maintenance
Special Features: Retractable tunnel that had previously been used at London’s Olympic Park.

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