Tesco – Temporary Supermarket – Retail


To assist the company through one of the refurbishment programmes at Bangor, North Wales, Tesco turned to Spaciotempo to supply a temporary supermarket. The temporary building needed to be fully insulated with temperature control, glazed pedestrian doors and glazed windows.


Spaciotempo provided a 30m x 50m on a 4m eave temporary supermarket, allowing Tesco to remain trading as normal.

The Tesco chain is continually expanding and enhancing their stores in line with customer requirements and anticipated market demand. During these periods of refurbishment, a temporary building is required to ensure customers are not inconvenienced in any way and can continue shopping at their chosen Tesco store.

We understand that customer experience is an important factor in the retail industry. Hence, we endeavour to provide a temporary retail store that has a ‘permanent’ look and feel to maximise the shopping experience for valued consumers.

Spaciotempo provided a 30m x 50m on a 4m eave temporary structure with UPVC double skinned cavity walls and a double skinned air-filled PVC Polyester roof system. Guttering and lighting was fitted, together with glazed single and double personnel doors and glazed windows fitted from floor to ceiling. An adjustable steel framed wooden flooring system was installed and then covered with Vinyl to create an attractive and safe finish.

Scott Jameson, Spaciotempo’s Managing Director explains, ‘Spaciotempo are able to offer you a complete temporary building solution. So, for Tesco we were able to fit the building with all the necessary equipment for a functioning temporary supermarket including ramps and railings to make it compliant with building regulations.’

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Fact File

Who: Tesco
Where: Bangor, North Wales
Size: 30m x 50m on a 4m eave
Use: Temporary supermarket
Why: Expanding and enhancing their stores

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