Thorpe Park – Halloween Fright Night Bespoke Tunnel


Thorpe Park’s popular Halloween Fright Night was extra spooky this year. This is thanks to the 105m Long bespoke retractable tunnel which formed part of the park’s newest attraction, Platform 15. The retractable tunnel provided a cost-effective and versatile temporary structure which could be blacked out inside. Resulting in a truly ramped up fear experience prized by visitors!


Thorpe Park, operated by Merlin Entertainments in Surrey, came to Spaciotempo for a 100m long, blacked out bespoke retractable tunnel as part of the park’s newest attraction, Platform 15.

Every year Thorpe Park, in Surrey, who are operated by Merlin Entertainments, have a dedicated Halloween Fright Night. This year the park wanted to ‘up the ante’ and create a new ‘spooktacular’ attraction, Platform 15. Here at Spaciotempo we are able to provide a wide range of retractable industrial tunnels for use in a range of sectors. Though, this was a first for Spaciotempo! When Thorpe Park approached us for a bespoke retractable tunnel, they required one that could be blacked out inside, as part of their new attraction.

Their new attraction was like no other, within the dark woods surrounding the park. We provided the park with a 100m long, blacked out retractable tunnel to be part of the largest scare maze to date covering a total of 450m.

The idea behind the attraction, Platform 15, is that guests depart with a one-way ticket along, a disused, overgrown railway line. It is said to have been the last known route of the ‘Sleeper Express’ a train that disappeared mysteriously with all its passengers still on board! Park guests, walk along the abandoned backroads, through the Spaciotempo retractable tunnel and pitch black forestry while avoiding explosions, séances, Ouija boards and zombie ‘Sleepers’ hidden amongst the trees.

Entertainments Technical Manager at the Park, Jonny Burns, commented; “Spaciotempo were fantastic from start to finish, working with us to establish exactly what was required. Their team visited us twice, and the delivery and installation was quick, easy and very professional. Spaciotempo left us with a fantastic bespoke tunnel that many of our guests were very hesitant and nervous to enter – exactly the result we wanted to achieve!”

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Fact File

Who: Thorpe Park
Where: Chertsey, Surrey
Size: 1.5m x 105m x 2.0m
Use: Part of a fright night experience
Why: Halloween festivities across the theme park
Special Features: Over 100 metres long!

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