Thrive Gym – Sport & Leisure – Semi-Permanent Boxing Arena


Thrive Gym tasked Spaciotempo to rapidly install a semi-permanent building – big enough to fit out with two boxing rings and various other training equipment such as punch bags and weights – to join onto their brand new, state of the art gym. The additional space provided by the arena is intended to inspire even more people from the local community to get into a new sport whilst getting active and enable the gym to host sporting events.


When Thrive Gym didn’t have enough space in their existing building for a boxing gym, they asked Spaciotempo to create one for them. Once on site, the install process took just 4 days and the Sport & Leisure company have since taken full advantage of the additional 300sqm at their disposal.

With its design boasting 40mm thick steel-clad sandwich panel walling (inc. gables) and impressive 10m by 30m size squeezing into a tight space, the client will benefit from the exact same qualities as a traditional building, but their lease payments will be 1/3rd of the cost. Over the next 10 years, this will save them a fortune on their monthly payments, after they chose to the hire from their available buying options.

Inside the facility, the clear span roof of their new semi-permanent structure has enabled the gym to place two professional lighting rigs over the rings, without any height obstructions whatsoever. To enhance the artificial lighting, Spaciotempo installed an array of customisation options including thermo blackout roof covers, complete with 240v continuous air supply, to control the amount of natural light transmitted into the room. At the client’s request, the design incorporated an electric roller shutter door and personnel exit door as well as a full external guttering system measuring 60m in length.

Alvin Isherwood, owner of Thrive Gym and a builder himself, specifically noted the professionalism of the Spaciotempo team on site. “I couldn’t fault the operations team; they were diligent and worked extremely fast whilst maintaining the highest level of professional standards throughout – exactly as we had hoped for.” He went on to add “In fact, the entire process with Spaciotempo has been a really smooth one; the Area Sales Manager stayed in contact all the way through, and you could tell that he genuinely cared about the project. With the additional space afforded to us, our members will reap the benefits of the boxing training facility for years to come.”

If required, Spaciotempo can provide a full turnkey solution for clients in the Sport & Leisure industry, including the supply and installation of swimming pools, squash courts, sports halls and even accompanying changing room facilities. To find out more, visit our Sport & Leisure page for more information and to download the brochure. Alternatively, contact our friendly team today on 01889 569 569.

Fact File

Who: Thrive Gym
Where: Rawtenstall, Lancashire
Size: 10m x 30m on a 4m eave
Use: Semi-permanent boxing and training facility
Why: To expand on existing gym facility with boxing ring and equipment
Special Features: Blackout roof to complement lighting rig when hosting events

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