Viva Rail – Temporary Manufacturing Facility – Logistics & Transport


Vivarail approached Spaciotempo for a bespoke temporary manufacturing facility. This was for a short duration and had to be large enough for two carriages to be worked on simultaneously. Due to Spaciotempo designing, manufacturing and installing our own buildings we could provide the perfect solution. Which would enable Vivarail to work on lengths of rolling without being uncoupled, while also being protected from weather conditions.


When train manufacturer, Vivarail approached us with a short term need to increase their manufacturing space for the duration of a special project, we had the perfect solution.

Steve Rowell, General Manager at Vivarail explains, “Our existing shed was only big enough for one carriage per road, but now we work on two or three cars set together. The requirement was only short-term (4-5 months), which is why we needed a temporary building, and Spaciotempo provided a structure that is an exact fit for our purposes.”

Our 45m by 5m temporary structure was designed specifically for the project, allowing rolling stock to be worked on without being uncoupled. We installed it over the top of the rails, and linked to existing permanent facilities, enabling rail stock and manufacturing personnel to move between the two buildings.

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Fact File

Who: Vivarail
Where: Long Marston, Warwickshire
Size: 45m x 5m on a 5m eave
Use: Rolling stock manufacture
Why: To enable lengths of rolling to be worked on, undercover, at the same time.
Special Features: Bespoke 45m structure built over existing train tracks.

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