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The games continue for Channing School as new temporary sports hall is built

By 5 June 2014October 30th, 2017Sport & Leisure, Education

Girls attending Channing School are still enjoying games and sports lessons despite their sports hall being a building site – thanks to a temporary building supplied by Spaciotempo UK.

The all-girl school has installed a 600 square metre temporary education building that will be in place until 2015 to ensure that P.E. lessons continue while the work on a new facility is undertaken.

Based in North London, Channing School is undergoing an £11 million development project that will result in a new sports hall and performing arts centre.

With the temporary hall in place for two-years, specialist flooring has been put in place with the markings to be used for various sports such as netball, football, and the like. As well as sports lessons, it will also be used for exams, plays, etc.

While the impact of the new building has been minimal on the students, aged four to 18 years, it has taken a considerable amount of planning to get the temporary hall in place.

“From the initial free site survey, we found that the differential in heights on the site was considerable,” explains Scott Jameson, Managing Director at Spaciotempo. “We brought in Cerda Planning, not only to help with the initial investigation of the site but also to assist in gaining full planning permission for the temporary sports hall.

“Because of where the school is located, we had to deal with two councils and Cerda was integral in getting the plans finalised and allowing us to deliver the project on time and within budget.”

Channing School headmistress Barbara Elliott said in a recent newsletter to parents: “The temporary Sports Hall at the Junior School has been a real boost to the school this term and the delivery of curricular PE has continued, with a significant improvement in facilities for the girls. This represents a huge stepping-stone to what we can expect next year when our permanent Sports facilities are available.”

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