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Spaciotempo’s chilled and ambient temporary storage solutions

By 9 March 2020March 22nd, 2023Warehousing, Industrial
Chilled Storage

At Spaciotempo, we understand the hassle of waiting for a permanent expansion, especially when it comes to perishable goods storage. With the pace of modern industry, most businesses reliant on ambient storage cannot afford delays. That’s where we can step in with our bespoke chilled and ambient storage solutions.

Extension solutions

Spaciotempo insulated temporary warehouses are perfect for companies that want to extend their operations. That was the case for Fenmarc and Greenvale AP for example, two of the UK’s biggest vegetable growers and suppliers to some of Britain’s best known supermarkets. They installed Spaciotempo temporary warehouses to meet the demands of newly awarded contracts and promote ongoing growth.

Insulation solutions

At Spaciotempo, we are all about quality. We only use the best insulation materials, such as steel clad sandwich panels, to provide precision temperature control. Furthermore, our unique ‘thermo’ roof is a PVC polyester membrane envelope that reduces heat loss or gain within your temporary warehouse and shields against snow.

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Cost solutions

By remaining on the same site, Spaciotempo cold storage facilities eradicates the cost of extra personnel, plant equipment and double handling. Temporary warehouses are also cost-effective compared to permanent buildings, as they are more flexible to accommodate any changes in production.

Risk management solutions

Due to the ever-changing financial climate and perishability of goods, investing in a temporary building is a much lower risk when compared to permanent buildings. Spaciotempo’s ambient temporary warehouses can be easily dismantled and easily installed again, in accordance with your current situation.

Cooling systems solutions

Do you need a temporary chilled storage area? Spaciotempo are experts at installing temporary cooling systems as part of our range of customisable options for food and drink storage, ready meal production and any other cooling needs you might have. The best part is that Spaciotempo temporary warehouses are flexible, efficient and cost-effective solutions for long and short-term usage. We also work closely with you to ensure our temporary chilled and ambient storage facilities meet your climate requirements.

If you’d like to discuss our temperature controlled warehouse solutions with one of our friendly Temporary Building Specialists, call us on 01889 569 569 or try our ‘Ready to Build’ feature to submit your requirements to the team.

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