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Why choose Spaciotempo industrial canopies?

By 3 January 2018Canopies

Why choose Spaciotempo industrial canopies?

Spaciotempo’s more than 45 years of experience has secured the title of leading expert in the design, manufacture, hire and sale of temporary buildings. If you are looking for a bespoke loading canopy, or canopy storage options that suit your logistics and operational requirements, then Spaciotempo can deliver exactly what you need.

Temporary storage

Spaciotempo understands that demand for storage facilities can fluctuate hugely with stock deliveries and collection schedules. Space on site can often be very limited and this can make it difficult to house your stock when receiving a large supply. Spaciotempo’s galvanised steel and anodised aluminium arched canopies can provide a high quality, short-term temporary storage solution for any overflow stock.

Retractable canopy products

Your temporary loading canopy will have fantastic functionality alongside the ability to be extended and retracted. When you require your shelter to protect stock when loading and unloading, or to store overflow stock, your canopy can be extended to the full appointed size. Then once your outdoor stock has been cleared, your Spaciotempo structure can be retracted out of the way, to a minimum size of 25cm.

Weather protection

Come rain or shine, weather can interfere with loading operations if your transport is based outside your permanent structure. Investing in a Spaciotempo loading bay canopy provides weather protection for your team and stock during the loading and unloading process.

Your canopy products can be installed with the ability to expand and retract, allowing you to choose when your retractable tunnel is needed and when you would rather keep it tucked away, so you can be prepared for any weather without committing to the permanent space.

Range of sizes

Spaciotempo offers a wide range of dimensions, from a height of two to four metres and widths of one to 12 metres to suit your personal needs. Your industrial canopy will be purpose built and measured to your desired proportions to provide as much loading space or temporary storage as you require.

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