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Why choose Spaciotempo as your temporary building supplier?

By 21 October 2016September 8th, 2017Company News

With over 40 years’ experience as modular building manufacturers, here at Spaciotempo we have unparalleled knowledge of temporary buildings and structures across a broad range of specialist industries. Our latest article outlines the main reasons why you should choose us as your temporary building supplier.

Why temporary buildings?

Temporary structures are a fast and cost-effective alternative to permanent buildings, providing a solution for many applications. Commonly, semi-permanent structures are thought to be marquees or tents but at Spaciotempo we provide temporary structure hire with durability in mind. That means our buildings can often be used as a permanent alternative if required.

Temporary buildings also allow companies to stay flexible and provide extra space quickly and efficiently. In a time of financial uncertainty, spending vast amounts of money on building new structures can be time consuming and unnecessary, making temporary structures a great alternative.

Spaciotempo’s expertise in temporary structure hire

Over the years, we have worked in the industrial, retail and sports markets, providing temporary structure hire for even the most specific applications and guiding clients through the whole process, from start to finish. Our process begins with the initial enquiry and assembly of the temporary structure and continues to the final dismantle. Our fully trained staff carry out all of the actions and, after dismantle, they will take the structure back to Spaciotempo Uttoxeter to be cleaned and refreshed, ready to be used for another hire.

Our expert facilities

Our main facility, Spaciotempo Uttoxeter is our site for UK in-house operations, sales and the back end team. The site houses all the materials needed to supply a temporary structure for specific applications. For bespoke fittings, we have the ability to manufacture products in Northern France and have them delivered directly to the UK, meaning we can supply temporary buildings to suit any industry requirement.

We pride ourselves on being transparent and therefore welcome you to visit our facilities. If you would like, please feel free to come and see us at Spaciotempo Uttoxeter where you will be able to view our yard and see how we operate, store and transport all of the stock.

Temporary building case studies

Our plethora of high profile clients include Aston Martin, ASDA, Manchester United and Concord College. As expert modular building manufacturers we have a high customer satisfaction rate and our range of temporary building case studies evidences our ability to supply structures to a vast range of clients and industries, from airports to car showrooms and schools.

One of the main reasons why our clients love Spaciotempo is our ability to provide full turnkey projects. At Spaciotempo, we are able to offer complete temporary building solutions, complete with interior fittings such as lighting, access solutions, electrics, washroom facilities and more. We can also supply bespoke features for applications that require them.

For more information about all of Spaciotempo’s temporary building products and services, please contact us today!

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