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Why choose a temporary building for hire?

By 25 September 2017October 5th, 2023Company News

Why choose a temporary building for hire?

Bricks and mortar cost money, as does the hire of people who will construct your new building. You’re also taking a risk. Not only are you rolling the dice in terms of your financial stability but you’re also gambling on the future of your business. In a changing world, the building you needed yesterday can become obsolete today as circumstances move on. You can be left with a space that’s no longer required but is still burning a hole in your bank account. This is why hiring a temporary building makes so much sense.

Hire of temporary buildings

With the hire of temporary buildings, you’re reducing the financial risks you face. There’s no big lump sum to be borrowed or paid out at the start of the project. Costs will not overrun, as they often do in construction, because you only pay for what you ordered.

Our contracts are flexible and designed to meet your needs, as well as the limits of your budget. You might be surprised how little it costs to hire a temporary building. We can also offer ‘hire to buy’ contracts which mean that, should you want to enjoy your Spaciotempo temporary building for longer, you can choose to purchase your structure outright.

The timescales involved with a temporary building can also benefit your productivity. Instead of waiting around for months for a new permanent building to be finished, your staff can get on with day-to-day operations almost immediately. There will be no need for relocation either as our temporary buildings can be erected quickly and with minimal disruption to your business. You simply carry on doing what you do best.

Modular buildings for hire

Flexibility is also a key reason for going temporary. If your needs change then it’s a simple matter of completing your contract and removing the building in question. We’ll take it away without any fuss.

In the same way, if you realise that you’re going to need one of your buildings for a much longer period of time then you simply extend the contract. Our temporary buildings are temporary in name only. They are designed to last for years and offer the same guarantees in terms of durability and health and safety as any permanent structure. Some of our buildings are still in use after 25 years of service and all are in line with British Standards.

You might be worried that you need a building that’s too large to be suitable for temporary use. That’s not the case. Not only can we deliver large buildings, but we also have modular buildings for hire, such as our Oxygen and Neivalu ranges, which allow us to construct buildings of varying degrees of scale and complexity. The possibilities are almost limitless for what you can achieve.

But surely there’s are situations where you have a need that can only be met by a permanent building? If so we haven’t encountered one yet. Our temporary buildings are suitable for many applications and have been used successfully across a whole host of industries. Whether it’s retail, sports, showrooms, education or warehousing, when you hire portable buildings from Spaciotempo you can be sure that they’ll be fit for your specific application.

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