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Christmas starts here

By 11 September 2015October 27th, 2017Company News, Logistics & Transport, Retail

As reported this week, the summer holidays are over so it must be time to worry about Christmas. Transport companies nationwide are looking to boost staff numbers – and boost them earlier – to avoid the headaches which many faced last year as a result of the seasonal surge.  And hand in hand with the need to take on additional seasonal staff, comes the need to increase the storage capabilities of logistics and distribution operations as market fluctuations dictate.

The run up to Christmas has always seen a surge in retail growth, putting increased pressure on storage, logistics and distribution operations. However few retailers and delivery companies foresaw the difficulties caused by 2014’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount events which compounded an already pressurised period and resulted in significant backlogs for customers.

With no decline in online retail discount events in prospect in the run up to Christmas, it has never been more imperative that logistics, distribution, and warehousing support businesses, plan now to avoid mayhem in December. Figures from the IMRG Cap Gemini e-Retail Sales Index show that UK online retail sales increased by 12% year on year in July, and infact, four times as many shoppers are planning on placing orders on line this Black Friday compared with 2014.

The nature of Spaciotempo’s temporary storage, warehousing and logistics buildings makes them ideal to tackle this seasonal surge in business – quick to erect, yet durable and robust, temporary buildings can be hired for as little as 3 months, giving you the flexibility to increase your onsite space for as short or as long a time as you need it. And because our own experienced installation teams will also clear the building when you no longer require it, leaving your site clean and tidy – just as they found it – it really is a case of having the extra facilities when you need them, and when you don’t need them, they are gone.

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