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Commercial storage canopies from Spaciotempo

By 31 March 2017June 12th, 2024Industrial, Canopies

A loading dock canopy can be a functional feature to install adjacent to your warehouse. In order to provide suitable cover when your freight is being loaded and unloaded from your trucks. Here at Spaciotempo, we can provide your business with the ideal commercial storage canopy.

Commercial storage canopy

Here at Spaciotempo we understand that it is vital to keep freight dry when loading goods to and from your premises. As damaged goods incur costs, both timewise and financially. It is crucial for your business to avoid this wherever possible. It can not only decrease productivity but can also affect the morale of staff if spoiled goods are a recurring problem. A truck loading canopy is the perfect solution to avoid this type of situation.

Why choose Spaciotempo for your commercial storage canopy?

Spaciotempo will provide you with a fast and economical way to protect your goods whilst in transfer between your trucks and storage building. We offer a first-class service and can tailor make your structure to fit your business’ bespoke requirements.

Our truck loading canopies will ensure you quicker turnaround times. As a result, your stock loads can be moved to and from your warehouse under cover.

Our modular assembly provides you with a covered space that will deliver your business not only a practical, but cost-effective solution. With our range of canopies, which can be gutter-linked together. We can ensure that your whole fleet can be simultaneously covered when loading and unloading in adverse weather conditions.

Not only that, but our lightweight aluminium frames provide a durable structure, for your commercial storage canopy. That can be installed quickly for rapid protection. If you are worried about foundations for this structure, fear not! Our canopies do not require foundations, thereby enabling you to keep your capital investment to a minimum and giving you full peace of mind.

If you need a loading dock canopy for protection when you are hauling goods to and from your warehouse. Then Spaciotempo is here for you. Contact us today for more information.

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