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A company structure that gives you peace of mind

By 1 August 2014September 8th, 2017Company News
Sterling Solutions

One of the things which Spaciotempo prides itself on is its flexibility. We can help our customers respond to the changing demands of their own business – expanding or contracting their need for additional space in line with demand from their customers.

But this agility is in stark contrast to the reassuring stability which Spaciotempo’s company structure is also able to provide as a supplier. We know that while our customers value our ability to respond quickly to their changing needs, they want a supplier that they can rely on – now and in the future.

With its UK base in Uttoxeter, Spaciotempo services all of the UK including Ireland. In fact our Business Development team travel all around the UK for site visits on a weekly basis. And with 40 years of experience across the industrial, retail and sports markets, we are still the only UK supplier who designs, manufactures and installs its own products.

We are able to do this because Spaciotempo UK is part of the wider Spaciotempo Group with operations in France and Spain. And our stock is all manufactured just over the Channel, in Northern France.

The difference our company structure makes for our customers is that you are only ever reliant on one company for the manufacture, delivery and installation of your structure. And you will benefit from one consistent approach, one set of company values, one communication system. Spaciotempo is not a reseller, and we don’t install anyone else’s stock.

But that’s not all. We can offer our customers even more reassurance – Spaciotempo Europe, is itself part of the wider GL Events Group which operates on a truly global basis. From the London Olympics, to the World Cup in Brazil, and everywhere in between, if there are temporary buildings required, GL Events is probably involved.

For our customers this means peace of mind, in the knowledge that, as part of a major international Group, Spaciotempo has the financial stability to ride any fluctuations of the economy. So although some suppliers in the temporary building marketplace come and go, Spaciotempo remains reliable – however long your hire contract, and whatever the size of your order. And because we are part of a bigger group, if we don’t happen to have the stock we need for your order to hand, our company structure means we can always cross hire stock from another part of our operations, to ensure that you always have the solution you want.

So for flexibility AND peace of mind, you can rely on Spaciotempo.

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