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A cool storage solution for soft fruit supplier DCS Cold Storage

By 1 January 2012October 10th, 2023Warehousing, Industrial
Chilled Storage

A Fruitful Partnership: DCS Cold Storage and Spaciotempo.

In the bustling world of chilled fruit providers, DCS Cold Storage stands out. Their rapid business expansion has been closely intertwined with a strategic move – relocating their operations to two customised chilled temporary storage structures supplied by Spaciotempo UK.

A Blooming Business

DCS Cold Storage specializes in distributing a variety of fruits, including grapes, pineapples, and bananas, to leading supermarket chains.

In their pursuit of growth, they made a pivotal decision earlier this year, opting to lease two of Spaciotempo’s Neivalu temporary warehouses.

The Remarkable Features

Standing at an impressive five meters in height, these temporary structures are ingeniously designed. Portal beams within these warehouses have created expansive, unobstructed spaces, covering an area of 1,200 square meters.

What sets them apart is their meticulous construction: insulated uPVC sandwich wall panels and a thermo-inflated roof, designed to maintain a precisely controlled chilled environment.

Meeting Unique Demands

One of the crowning achievements of this collaboration is DCS Cold Storage’s ability to meet the exacting demands of their customers. Within these temporary warehouses, they efficiently store different fruits at distinct temperatures. Catering to various locations – all within the same facility.

Cost-Efficiency at Its Best

Noteworthy is the substantial cost savings realised through this strategic partnership. By choosing these chilled temporary storage structures over constructing a purpose-built facility. DCS Cold Storage has demonstrated financial prudence while enhancing operational efficiency.

A Blueprint for Success

The success of DCS Cold Storage in conjunction with Spaciotempo UK serves as a testament to businesses to embrace innovative solutions. This partnership showcases the immense potential for growth and expansion when driven by innovation, adaptability, and strategic decision-making.

As DCS Cold Storage continues to thrive and expand its reach, it illuminates the path for other businesses. Highlighting the significance of innovation and smart collaborations in today’s dynamic business landscape. This fruit-filled partnership exemplifies the success that can be achieved when innovation meets opportunity, creating a remarkable blueprint for success in the world of business.

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