Disaster response and crisis management

Spaciotempo is extremely well-equipped to assist with disaster response and crisis management. As a nationwide operator, we’re poised to install temporary buildings to assist local businesses and the government in limiting the impact of emergencies – such as the COVID-19 pandemic – through the creation of additional spaces.

We’re acutely aware of the impact such emergencies can have, particularly on national health resources, which is why we’re on standby to deploy kit and crew to wherever it’s needed most.

The temporary and semi-permanent building solutions we provide can be adapted and scaled for a variety of purposes, whether you require emergency testing and decontamination areas, additional storage space, treatment rooms or even temporary accommodation.

Our experienced site managers and labour operatives are the skilled boots on the ground, backed up by knowledgeable, in-house project coordinators. Combined, our teams are expertly positioned to assist with crisis management, through the safe and efficient installation of emergency temporary infrastructure.

We’re proficient working within time-pressured environments and hold the welfare of our staff, clients and the general public in the highest regard.

If you have an urgent requirement for additional space, please get in touch to discuss our temporary building solutions on 01889 569 569.