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Don’t get caught out by Winter weather

By 9 January 2015September 8th, 2017Company News

The unpredictability of the British weather is legendary, and this is never more true than in Winter. If temperatures plummet, or if we are hit by high winds, is it “business as usual” for your business?

For some of our customers, winter is the time when they realise that they haven’t made adequate provision for the protection of stock or equipment which has happily sat exposed to the elements for the rest of the year. Or they find that loading and unloading of vehicles is hampered by the freezing cold, driving rain or high winds.

When you decide that you need a new structure to offer weather protection and speed up your operations, speed of installation is usually near the top of our customers’ wish lists – and this is an area where Spaciotempo can usually oblige, often able to install a new building or canopy within a matter of weeks.

But if you want your temporary building to provide a solution throughout this winter (and many more to come), you need to put unbeatable durability at the top of your list – and Spaciotempo’s figures speak for themselves.

When you are comparing technical specifications, take a look at how Spaciotempo’s figures stack up:

What to look for?How does Spaciotempo compare?
Bracing System – a key feature for storage capacity, or in sports structures.Internal high level bracing giving “Open & Clear Span”.  All competitors use a cross brace.
Frame ConstructionHard pressed 4 groove aluminium box profile
Profile Size – the higher the number the better the structure316mm
Roof Covers PVC Coated polyester fabric flame retardant to BS7837 -1999
Snow Loading – the higher the number, the better the structure60 kg per sqm
Wind Loading – the higher the number, the better the structure100-120 km per hour
Walling40 mm thick steel clad sandwich panels
U-Values – the lower the number, the better the insulation values inside the structure.Roofs – 1.5 W/m2KWalls & Gables – 0.44 W/m2K
Bay Sizes – the fewer the bays, the more robust the structure and design5m bays as standard – our structures have fewer bays, and are therefore more robust.


So if you need a temporary building which you can rely on to take whatever the British winter throws at it (as well as the Spring, Summer and Autumn!), give Spaciotempo a call today.

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