Emergency and Disaster Relief Buildings

We provide temporary buildings for many circumstances including in emergencies and when disaster strikes. We understand that it is often a matter of urgency when buildings are faced with flooding, fire damage, or even if a planned construction has fallen behind schedule. As a solution to each of these cases, at Spaciotempo, we offer a range of emergency buildings, including the following:

Spaciotempo’s temporary disaster shelters are perfectly suited to be erected and used when an emergency or disaster occurs and the need for extra working space or storage space arises.

Why Choose a Disaster Relief Building from Spaciotempo?

At Spaciotempo, we are highly experienced at turning around build projects very quickly.  We can have a site visit booked within 24 hours of you placing the initial enquiry and, depending on the emergency building, that you require we could start the installation process immediately. We understand that in order to maintain production after a disaster strikes, you may have an urgent requirement for temporary warehousing, emergency storage or indeed production facilities, which is why we pride ourselves in installing all of our disaster recovery buildings as quickly as possible.

 Emergency Shops or Supermarkets

We have worked with leading supermarket chains to provide fully functioning emergency temporary supermarkets and stores for when a disaster strikes. The exterior of our temporary disaster shelters can also be customised with company branding and advertising to ensure that it fits in with the original structure and provides a seamless shopping experience for customers.  We recognise that different businesses will have different requirements and we will strive endlessly to make your vision of your emergency building possible. For example, when working with supermarket chains in the past, it has been vital that they receive an emergency storage building in order to be able to maintain stock levels so that the business could continue as normal.

Temporary Sports Buildings

Our temporary disaster relief buildings can also be used to replace sports buildings.  Our temporary sports buildings are simple, yet contain everything that your original sports building would have.  We have a range of options for: lighting, flooring, walling and roofing.  In the past we have designed and installed a temporary boxing gym for Bradford Boxing College and as a result, they now use it as their permanent gym.

Emergency Education Buildings

Our temporary disaster recovery buildings are also suitable to be used as assembly halls and classrooms. In the past our clients have expressed how quickly and efficiently the emergency buildings have been implemented. This could not be more important to us as we understand the matter of urgency when faced with fire and flood damage and the implications it can have on your organisation. This is why Spaciotempo endeavour to provide you with a temporary disaster recovery building as soon as possible.

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If the type of disaster recovery building you require has not been listed above, that does not mean we are not able to help. For further assistance on how we can guide you towards the right solution for you, please contact us today.