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Emergency Temporary Building

By 1 January 2010October 30th, 2023Industrial, Sport & Leisure, Disaster Recovery, Automotive

Disaster Strikes

Disaster strikes in Solihull, West Midlands, the home to the National Motorcycle Museum. The world’s most exceptional and largest motorcycle collection. It continually receives important and famous machines, enriching this irreplaceable assembly.

However, on May 10, 2003, disaster struck when a fire nearly obliterated this priceless collection of historic motorcycles. Swift action by museum staff enabled them to relocate many exhibits outdoors. Our task was to swiftly provide temporary storage for both the rescued and salvaged bikes.

Immediate and Long-Term Solutions

For the short term, we delivered a lightweight, rapidly erected temporary building overnight, which was set up the following day. Simultaneously, we began planning a more substantial temporary structure. This approach allowed museum trustees time to contemplate the complex’s future, including site preparation involving concrete.

Within three weeks of the fire, the second, more permanent emergency building, measuring 15 meters wide by 80 meters long, was fully operational. It featured a roller shutter door, four fire doors, heating, lighting, air conditioning, and flooring.

Positive Outcomes

The National Motorcycle Museum not only valued our prompt and efficient response but also praised the performance of the emergency building. Our efforts not only safeguarded their priceless collection. But also offered the time and security required for thoughtful consideration of the museum complex’s future in the aftermath of this devastating event.


In the face of disaster, the story of the National Motorcycle Museum’s fire and the immediate response to it serves as a testament to the importance of rapid action and creative solutions. The preservation of this exceptional collection of historic motorcycles is not only a tribute to the dedicated museum staff but also to Spaciotempo’s proactive efforts providing a temporary storage solutions.

The positive outcomes, marked by the museum’s appreciation for the efficient response. And the resilience of the emergency building, underscore the importance of preparedness and adaptability in the face of adversity.

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