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Falcon Car Care swoops to acquire valet facility

By 1 January 2013October 26th, 2023Industrial, Automotive

Improving operational capabilities

One of the UK’s largest valeting companies is bringing hundreds of ex-fleet vehicles back to their best in one of our temporary buildings.

Falcon Car Care, which operates at sites all over the country. Has moved into the temporary facility after it was installed at a huge vehicle preparation centre in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

The company valets former lease cars on behalf of the centre’s owners. Then once they have been checked over and repaired the cars are then delivered to dealerships, ready to be sold on the open market.

Firstly, Falcon had been operating from a permanent building at Letchworth for a number of years. However, when its client decided to bring more of its own operations on-site. Falcon was asked to vacate the building.

Finding a solution

Since needing to find a new facility elsewhere on the site. The company then decided to rent a temporary car showroom building from us. Erected in just two weeks, the building measures 300sqm. Additional features such as single skin steel cladding walls and laid Tarmac floor, painted with white lines to divide the space into 15 bays.

Tim Owen, General Manager for Falcon Car Care, said: “We had 14 weeks to find an alternative facility, which wasn’t long, so we contacted Spaciotempo.

“They were great. We didn’t know a lot about temporary buildings, but they told us everything we needed to know and then managed the whole project for us.
“It was their idea to install the Tarmac floor. Which was just fantastic, and we managed to relocate in good time.”

Scott Jameson, Director of Sales at Spaciotempo, said: “Falcon Car Care’s situation is not unusual, because many of our customers suddenly find themselves in need of somewhere new within a limited time frame.

“As long as they have space available. A temporary building can be installed in a matter of days. Making it an excellent, quick and cost-efficient, solution.”

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