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Spaciotempo UK helps printers FastAnt press on with expansion plans

By 1 January 2012October 27th, 2017Warehousing, Industrial
FastAnt press News

With a new industrial printing press installed and taking up much-needed room in its existing on-site warehouse, FastAnt, the marketing materials design and printing arm of Leicester printers Taylor Bloxham, was in sudden need of extra storage space earlier this year.

In space terms, the extension that the firm was looking for was not large, but it needed to be able to provide a dry atmosphere and offer the company the flexibility to use it as a medium term fix or as a long-term solution.

Both requirements were the result of the company’s expanding role in providing direct marketing and production of promotional and point-of-sale material, areas which require that it prints on all manner of materials, including paper, card foamex and PVC.

The press would allow FastAnt to reproduce its customers’ eye-catching designs in greater dimensions, in some cases on material measuring up to three by one-and-a-half metres, but accommodating the machine meant clearing the space where the materials are kept – forcing the firm to find somewhere else to move them to.

In order to meet its demands, Spaciotempo UK supplied and installed a 150sqm temporary building from its Neivalu range. Incorporating two electric roller doors, the building measured four metres at the eaves and also had mastic applied around its base to prevent water ingress.

Mick Hurman, premises manager at FastAnt, said: “With the new press in place and no more room available in our warehouse, we had to find suitable, dry storage space for material in a place where we could get easy access to it.

“The temporary building achieved both of these targets for us and was significantly cheaper than paying for a new warehouse to be built.

“However, although we have hired it as a temporary warehouse, it is strong and long-lasting enough to be used as a permanent solution. As the business grows, that is certainly something that we may well explore further down the line.”

Scott Jameson, director of sales at Spaciotempo, said: “FastAnt’s new warehouse is an excellent example of how today’s temporary buildings can deliver immediate new space that is suitable for storing sensitive goods.

“What’s more, it demonstrates how they can be used by companies to optimise their existing sites in the short term, while offering them a genuine solution in the long term too.

“That kind of flexibility is vital in the current climate, when confidence in the economy is low. Because temporary buildings can easily be dismantled if needs be, companies which need extra space to support an expansion plan have a safety net. With bricks and mortar there is no turning back.”

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