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Why Flexibility is key for temporary buildings

By 17 July 2014September 8th, 2017Company News
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Recently one of our customers told me that “our Business Development Manager offered flexibility on every aspect of their temporary building. His attention to detail was brilliant and I felt looked after.” Great feedback – and not uncommon because one of the things which Spaciotempo prides itself on most, is flexibility.

We know that is one of the key factors influencing customers when they decide to go for a temporary building, rather than a permanent build. But because we also know that business needs vary and can change rapidly, flexibility at every stage of the process is a real advantage.

Flexibility of building – your building specification will be developed to fit your business needs precisely – whether you want an off the shelf option, or a totally bespoke “turnkey” project, we can accommodate your needs.

Flexible stock – because we are the only UK supplier who designs, manufactures and installs its own products, we hold a quantity of readily available temporary buildings in the UK, and have the capability to ensure we always have the solution you want.

Flexible leadtime – because of the lightweight but durable aluminium frame of our buildings, we can install our temporary buildings very quickly.  We will arrange a site visit as soon as you make your enquiry and if your building is off the shelf, we can be on site for installation almost immediately.

Flexible cost – if you go for a permanent build, the up-front investment costs can be high – a Spaciotempo temporary building means no foundation costs, legal fees, stamp duty, or agents’ fees. You can also ease operations by staying on your own site – eradicate the cost of extra personnel, security, plant equipment and double handling.

Flexible hire contracts – Spaciotempo gives you the option either to buy your building, or to hire – over a time period to suit you. And if you no longer require the building, it can be de-rigged, saving you wasted space and money compared to a permanent building.

Flexibility to increase space on-demand – Our temporary buildings allow you to increase your facilities as you need them. They can also be easily removed, adapted or relocated in your business needs change – allowing you to expand and contract as the market demands, unlike a permanent building.

So to see what difference our flexibility can make to you, speak to one of our Business Development Managers today.

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