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Frequently asked questions about industrial canopies

By 10 January 2018October 26th, 2023Canopies

Frequently asked questions about industrial canopies

Are you interested in investing in a loading bay canopy, but would like more information before you commit? Spaciotempo is here to answer your most frequently asked questions about industrial canopies.

Where can I buy an industrial canopy?

Firstly, Spaciotempo offers the option to invest in the long-term requirements of your business, with the option to purchase a temporary building outright. This will allow you to secure all of the benefits of a temporary industrial canopy, but on a permanent basis. You will be operating your Spaciotempo retractable loading bay canopy for years to come, with no renting fees.

Secondly, for those who do not wish to purchase an industrial canopy. Spaciotempo can offer lease and hire options, to provide more manageable monthly payments, rather than a bulk payment. Enquire using our contact form for more details.

What are industrial loading bay canopies made of?

Spaciotempo’s loading bay canopies and storage structures have been expertly designed and manufactured using the best materials for the purpose. Your structure would be comprised of galvanised steel pantographs, creating the core structure for a string of anodised aluminium structural arches.

Each arch bears two nylon wheels, designed to run across a sunken, lift-proof track that ensures your tunnel is securely fixed to the floor. In addition, Spaciotempo also offer a more cost-effective option, which involves a smaller, lighter aluminium loading dock canopy, fitted with rubber wheels, but the design excludes the lift-proof track.

How high can I build a loading dock canopy?

To sum up, the height of your industrial canopy will be bespoke to your needs. Spaciotempo provide dimensions between two and four meters high, and widths of one to 12 meters. Therefore, the average goods carrying vehicle in the UK is up to three metres tall. So this will ensure that you always have plenty of room for your stock delivery vehicles.

How is my industrial canopy installed?

In summary. The Spaciotempo team will personally transport your industrial canopy to your site. in turn our professional, qualified operations staff will install your canopy for you. For instance, if you are hiring an industrial canopy, you will also benefit from a dismantle service alongside the installation service provided. Furthermore, that extra reassurance, every member of the Spaciotempo team present on your site is fully trained and compliant with health and safety regulations.

Finally, if you have any additional questions. Or would like a quote for your building, contact the Spaciotempo team for more information.

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