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Hire Temporary Buildings in Edinburgh

By 21 April 2017October 27th, 2017Company News

Finding extra space to expand your business can be a headache. At Spaciotempo, we are here to take that pain away. If you need a temporary building expert in Edinburgh then we are the people for you. We are the only company in the UK and Ireland to design, manufacture and install our own temporary buildings. All of our temporary structures offer guaranteed quality of design, quality of construction and quality of customer service – from beginning to end.

Temporary Building expert in Edinburgh

All businesses can experience fluxes in demand, particularly in today’s political climate and, from time to time, an increase in capacity might be required for the storage of materials and excess stock. At Spaciotempo, we offer a range of storage solutions, and have installed numerous retail-based temporary structures in Edinburgh over the years.

Our temporary buildings are designed to meet the requirements of your business – whatever this might be. For example, you may want to create a temporary warehouse structure to store your goods, or even a temporary garden centre or supermarket. Our unique temporary structures in Edinburgh allow you to expand where necessary so that you and your business can achieve those all-important sales targets.

Hire Temporary Buildings in Edinburgh

At Spaciotempo, we have built strong networks with the construction and architecture sectors. Known for our high quality, cost-effective and speedy temporary buildings in Edinburgh, we are renowned for our professional and responsive approach. Our temporary structures offer unique and scalable options to companies who need a structure that may only be required for a relatively short period of time (or much longer for that matter!).

As trusted temporary structure suppliers in Edinburgh for architecture projects, our temporary buildings can be just as effective, if not more so, than investing in a permanent structure. If you’re looking for additional storage space, we also provide temporary industrial storage buildings for hire – as both off-the-peg standard sized buildings or made to measure temporary buildings. We can also provide ‘roof-only’ canopies for loading requirements or storage applications.

Temporary Building for Edinburgh’s National Museum of Flight

When the National Museum of Flight’s aircraft hangers required refurbishment, the Edinburgh based Museum realised they had nowhere to store their valuable collection of planes. Spaciotempo were approached to find a solution to this delicate storage issue. With such valuable and historic items in question, creating a functional and sympathetic temporary structure, without ground disturbance, was paramount.

Despite the weather threatening to slow down progress, our expert team flew in and were able to build a temporary structure in Edinburgh that was capable of storing the museum’s precious exhibits safely and securely. Our 30m x 20m (on a 4m eave) temporary building was chemically bolted to concrete ballast blocks to provide a highly effective and secure storage solution that could be dismantled quickly and easily when the refurbishment process was completed.

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