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How to build a temporary building

By 25 February 2016November 9th, 2023Company News

Temporary building planning can be nerve wrecking. What with all the decisions to be made, as well as the financial and time commitments. That’s where Spaciotempo come in. We make this whole process bearable and worthwhile, thanks to our off-the-shelf solution that allow for quick installation.

Temporary Building Design phase

Have you got an idea for your temporary building? Don’t worry if you don’t, we’ll come to that later! Simply tell us what you need and we’ll tailor the design to meet your requirements. We’ll ensure that your structure is built in accordance with the latest British Safety Standards, such as BS6399 for wind loading and BS6399 for general snow loading.

Planning permission phase

It will take an average of four weeks to get the planning approved. Spaciotempo has partnered with specialist planning agents to make the process is easy for you. We explore all possibilities with our temporary buildings, from energy efficient insulation systems, to recyclable components and off-the-shelf soft profile air filled roofs. Emergency building plans can also be obtained once the buildings are in place.

Temporary Building Site survey phase

Now that you have a design, planning permission and are happy for us to go ahead, Spaciotempo specialists will undertake a site survey. We will recommend the optimum solution to meet your needs, whether that be a temporary warehouse, temporary storage building or any other temporary storage solution. At Spaciotempo, it’s all about you! That’s why our team sometimes conduct a site survey as the first phase to help you come up with a design. Read more about our different types of temporary buildings here.

Installation phase

Depending on your requirements, we can either build a completely bespoke temporary solution, designed, manufactured and installed in-house. Or we have off-the-shelf models for quick installation applications. Either way, because we take care of every stage of the process, you can be sure that your building meets the highest possible standards.

So there you have it; your temporary building is ready for use! From thereon in, just tell us when you want it dismantled and our team will be there to assist. At Spaciotempo, we also offer on-going maintenance agreements tailored to match your needs. Be it long-term or short-term – we can accommodate…in every sense!

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