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How to make the most out of your temporary supermarket

By 22 May 2014September 5th, 2017Retail

When you move your supermarket operations into a temporary facility, you want the surroundings and the customer experience to feel the same, if not better than what it was like in your permanent building. Well fear not! Here are 3 simple tricks of the trade to ensure that your customers won’t bat an eyelid…

1. Brand spanking new
We cannot stress this enough- make sure your branding is all over your temporary supermarket and its surroundings- this includes all the signage to direct customers to the new facility. Without this constant brand exposure, your customers will feel that the whole shopping experience is inconsistent with the one that they are used to and will feel that this building is a quick fix, rather than an exciting new venue for their shopping needs.

Speak to your temporary retail building supplier to discuss the different branding options available and don’t just think logos- corporate colours need to be incorporated too where possible.

2. Welcome aboard
Take some time to think about the supermarket entrance area. Not only will this be what potential shoppers see from afar, but it will also be a large factor in the customer’s decision of whether to return again and again. Like you would a permanent building, allow space and budget for a sheltered area in front of the supermarket and ask your supplier for finishes such as automatic sliding doors, access ramps and glazed frontages to the building.

3. All things bright and beautiful
Temporary supermarkets do not need to be dark and dingy inside; a pleasant shopping experience can easily be achieved within a temporary supermarket if you pay attention to the finishing touches, such as lighting. Many studies have shown that bright interior lighting can not only affect the customer’s mood, but also their buying patterns. Be sure to select bright lighting that lifts the whole building and showcases your products in the light they deserve.

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