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‘Why I chose a Spaciotempo temporary building’

By 7 September 2017Company News

‘Why I chose a Spaciotempo temporary building’

Spaciotempo are leading suppliers of temporary buildings for industrial, retail, sport, education and more. While we believe there are a plethora of reasons to choose a Spaciotempo temporary building, we spoke to previous customers who provided temporary building testimonials, explaining the reasons why they would always choose Spaciotempo for their temporary building requirements.

Temporary building testimonials

 Whether you require additional storage space, or wish to expand without investing money into a permanent structure, Spaciotempo can provide the ideal solution. Below are two temporary building testimonials: one of whom required a safe storage space, whilst the other was to provide a temporary swimming pool for a school, during a refurbishment of their regular pool.

Temporary building testimonial: SPX Flow

The oil and gas industry in the UK and North Sea is thought to be worth £35bn to the UK economy, with more than three thousand companies involved in the industry.

SPX Flow provided an extremely positive temporary building testimonial following the use of a Spaciotempo temporary building. The Scottish business is a global supplier of highly specialised, engineered solutions. The company sells to over 150 countries around the world and operates in over 35. In order to increase efficiency within the company and effectively supply products to the offshore industry, SPX Flow required a design, build and installation of a bespoke temporary building, which would provide extra storage space.

As temporary building specialists, Spaciotempo has a proven track record of providing structures that are able to withstand harsh weather conditions, across ports, rural and coast areas. SPX Flow have a range of fast moving goods, which need to be supplied as quickly possible, as well as slow moving stock, which is owned by clients who require secure storage. For these reasons, it was imperative that the temporary building could withstand harsh environments and was extremely secure.

Spaciotempo provided a 15m x 25m bespoke modular building, with the plan of using the structure for at least two years. SPX Flow believed it made commercial sense to employ a temporary building, instead of constructing a permanent building. This allowed the business to maximise real estate utilisation and operate more efficiently.

“The structure provided by Spaciotempo had advantages compared to the competition,” says Amrik Thomas, Service Centre Manage at SPX Flow. “The erection and installation was excellent. It was everything we had asked for. Even when faced with the changeable weather here in Scotland the team carried on.  One day we had snow, the next sunshine and the next gale force winds. The Spaciotempo team had to stop work on one day because it was not possible to carry on. But despite this they still finished the construction on time.”

Temporary building case study: Mary Hare School

Mary Hare school, based in Newbury, Berkshire, were undergoing refurbishment on their school swimming pool and needed an alternative. Spaciotempo provided a 28m x 15m bespoke temporary building, a cost-effective, quick and flexible solution, compared to a permanent fixture.

Mary Hare school represents the biggest single community of children suffering from hearing loss. For this reason, Spaciotempo ensure that the swimming pool featured eight double-glazed window units, which allowed a lot of light in and made it easier for the children to lip read and sign instructions.

Anne Munby, Fundraiser at Mary Hare Foundation commented, “Swimming lessons are an essential feature of our PE curriculum, and we feel it is particularly important for our profoundly and severely deaf pupils to be taught how to be safe in and around water. Thanks to Spaciotempo we can carry out these lessons in a safe and secure environment.”

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