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Internal Building

By 10 January 2010November 10th, 2023Warehousing, Industrial

Mersey based Lockwoods Technical Services were recently appointed to act as the main contractor for Avocet Hardware during the fit out of their new distribution warehouse building. Avocet is a leading UK manufacturer and distributor of window and door hardware.

Secondly, Avocet wanted the production and packing area of the operation to be housed within the warehouse as a completely self-contained work area. The quickest and most effectual way to achieve this would be to install a smaller temporary building within the permanent warehouse.

Spaciotempo provided a temporary building 15m x 35m with a 4m eave height. With the addition of security steel cladding walls and two 5 metre bay PVC window walls. As the main warehouse building already provided a high level of security. This smaller building was left with two wall openings as opposed to doors.

Lockwood’s Contracts Manager, Keith Hughes, explained the benefits. “The new production and packaging area is a self contained facility. And enables Avocet’s packaging team to operate efficiently and safely in isolation from the main activities of the distribution warehouse. The choice for our operational building is ideal and has proved to be the most cost effective solution to meet our clients’ needs.”

The tailored solution not only encapsulates functionality but also highlights the flexibility and adaptability of innovative construction methodologies. Lockwoods Technical Services’ adept management and collaboration with Spaciotempo demonstrate a synergy. Furthermore, that delivers not just a building, but a customised and efficient workspace meeting the specialised needs of Avocet Hardware.

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